Introducing a new examination process with Eys by their side

At Nyt Syn Silkeborg we strive to deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. We have a strong position in our city, and our clear intention is to keep developing our position and reputation among our customers in Silkeborg. Our core business is spectacles and contact lenses but we clearly see opportunities in providing more eye health-related services, ie. Fundus examinations.

Frank Nygaard Poulsen, co-owner and optometrist at Nyt Syn Silkeborg

The challenge:

We are very aware that smooth and effective implementation is of great importance when you introduce new services or products. During the last months, we have focused on introducing fundus examinations for everyone within a defined target group, and we have met some barriers in the early phase. One factor is getting our optometrist and entire staff onboard for new initiatives and getting everything set up and sorted in-store, another thing is making sure that we have easy access to clinical support, second opinions, and treatment plans from ophthalmologists. It may seem difficult to introduce new examination schedules, but with the right partner by your side, it has actually been very easy to implement these new initiatives.

The solution:

For us Eys has been an integral part of the solution. Considering the services from Eys we are now truly digitally connected to Danish ophthalmologists who support us in the decision-making and on a daily basis Eys creates a strong foundation for our patient-centered strategy.

We highly recommend Eys to both small and large stores that are on the verge of introducing eye health-related examinations and also if you are already well underway. The people from Eys are with you the entire way. They are easy to get hold of, and champions at answering your questions, and the onboarding is quick and reliable. In only two months of using Eys’ platform and services, we are now considering the next step for our eye health examinations. We plan to introduce more clinical examinations and we are considering investing in new equipment now we have Eys as a trusted digital partner within teleophthalmology.