Experience worry-free eye care

Eys is revolutionizing the patient experience in eye care. Say goodbye to long waiting times, travel hassles, and the anxiety of delayed diagnoses. Welcome to a world of quick, reliable, and convenient eye care solutions.

Skip waiting lines and access an eye doctor today

Eys is dedicated to transforming the patient experience in eye care. Our platform significantly reduces the hassles of traditional eye care processes, offering quick access to specialists and expedited treatment plans. Enjoy the convenience of receiving high-quality care with minimal waiting, travel, and stress, all from the comfort of your home or preferred location.

Access specialised healthcare locally


Go for a regular eye examination at your optician


If the optician finds something, your information and tests are sent to Eys eye doctors


Receive a reply in a maximum of five days through email or go back to your optician


If necessary, go to follow-up appointments with your optician or eye doctor

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Here you will find answers to questions we often receive from



Where can I get treatment?

Eys has a close collaboration with over 250 stores in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Consult with your local optometrist to see if they are connected.

Who are Eys' doctors?

Eys has doctors in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. A patient referral will always be answered in the same language and the doctor will be licensed in the same country as the referral is sent. Some of our doctors are licensed in both Norway and Sweden and can therefore evaluate cases in both countries.

All of our doctors are eye specialists and are working either as private ophthalmologic consultants or in the public healthcare system in addition to working with Eys.