The future of eye healthcare is here!

Explore the forefront of e-health with our innovative eye care solutions. Each product in our suite is designed to automate, enhance collaboration, and streamline care. Experience the future of eye health, where technology meets expert care.

Four simple steps to superior eye care with Eys!

Embark on a streamlined journey of eye care excellence with Eys. Our four-step process ensures a comprehensive, efficient, and patient-centered approach to ophthalmology. From initiating a digital referral to local follow-up, Eys connects optometrists and ophthalmologists, providing expert care every step of the way.

Patient case creation: Initiate new digital referral

Create a new patient referral by entering detailed client information and the reason for the referral. Then, fill out the anamnesis section for a deep understanding of each patient's health status. Finally, select how the patient would like to receive the results, either digitally in their inbox or communicated in the store.

  • Personalized communication
  • Comprehensive anamnesis
  • Proactive Follow-up

Share your examination findings with the ophthalmologist

Enter visual examination results, including vision acuity, refraction, and eye pressure. Attach images and videos like fundus photos, perimetry, slit lamp images, OCT scans, and more. The option for manual measurements and observations ensures a personalized and thorough assessment.

  • Precise documentation
  • Essential image and video support
  • Custom reporting

A local ophthalmologist assesses your referral

Receive a response from an ophthalmologist within 1-5 business days after case completion. The response includes a comprehensive report with clinical findings, a  treatment plan, patient follow-up suggestions, and doctor-patient communication notes. Ophthalmologists may also include links relevant scientific articles or news reports for a deeper understanding of diagnoses and treatments.

  • Timely specialist feedback
  • Comprehensive and detailed patient records
  • Educational support and content

Follow-up the patient locally and communicate with the doctor when necessary

Our doctors suggest a patient follow-up plan, indicating how and when to conduct subsequent tests and imaging, typically within six to twelve months. If needed, patients are referred to a physical eye doctor, hospital, or family doctor for further follow-up. During local follow-up sessions, optometrists can send new referrals to Eys’ doctors or directly ask questions for further assessments.

  • Ability to ask questions directly
  • Local follow-ups
  • Complete eye care solution

See it in action and learn how it works!

Discover personalized eye care with Eys. Start with an introduction meeting to explore tailored solutions for your unique needs.

Tailored Features for every eye care need

Dive into the diverse functionalities of Eys, where each feature is designed to meet specific eye care challenges. From digital referrals to specialized modules, Eys offers innovative solutions for optometrists and ophthalmologists, ensuring comprehensive and efficient patient care.


Eys Essentials is our core telemedicine solution, enabling seamless digital referrals to our network of experienced ophthalmologists.


Eys e-referral enables digital referrals to clinics, hospitals, GPs, optician stores and more. A secure, digital communication service.


Eys Diabetes is a dedicated screening module for patients with diabetes, focusing on early detection and management of diabetic retinopathy.

Dry Eyes

Eys Dry Eyes provides targeted examination protocols, treatment and follow-up plans for patients suffering from dry eye disease.


Eys Children offers care for young patients, connecting referrals to our in-house specialists and orthoptists for child-specific conditions.


With Eys Mentor, professionals can seek advice and consult on patient-related or general eye care queries, creating a learning environment.


Eys Screening is an efficient solution for optometrist chains, facilitating pre-screening of images before escalation to ophthalmologists.

Data protection and security at our core

At Eys, security is paramount in healthcare. We are committed to adhering to GDPR standards and data privacy, ensuring the highest level of data protection. Our CE-marked medical-grade image and video viewer is a secure gateway that safeguards patient data while facilitating accurate diagnoses. With advanced encryption, regular external security audits, and strict access controls, we provide a secure, reliable platform you can trust.

Advanced technical infrastructure

Eys stands on a robust, cloud-based infrastructure, utilizing a microservice architecture centered around Microsoft Azure. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, we ensure optimal performance across all platforms. For the best experience, we recommend using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

AI integrations preparing for tomorrow

While AI in diagnostics is an emerging field, Eys is at the forefront, ready to embrace its evolution. We align strategically with leading innovators of AI Fundus and OCT assessment. Our proactive approach ensures seamless AI integration into your processes, with the flexibility to activate AI features as needed, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.