A new lead channel for your clinic

Link your clinic to a wider network of optometrists and patients with Eys. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure superior data protection, a wide range of integrations, and digitized services. Use Eys to tap into new lead channels, elevating your clinic's profile and profitability.

Expand Your Network and Lead Generation

With Eys, clinics gain a strategic advantage in the competitive healthcare landscape. Our platform enables you to connect with an extensive network of optometrists and patients, enhancing your clinic's outreach and operational efficiency. Benefit from being part of a larger ecosystem while maintaining your independence, thus boosting your lead generation and sales channels across your clinic network.

With Eys, get new, pre-approved clients


Receive the referral from optometrists


Confirm receipt of referral


Schedule an appointment with the patient


Send a reply with a copy of the patient record back to the optometrist

See it in action and learn how it works!

Discover personalized eye care with Eys. Start with an introduction meeting to explore tailored solutions for your unique needs.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Here you will find answers to questions we often receive from



What type of offerings does Eys have?

We offer Eys on a subscription-based model. Individual arrangements may also be set up.

What type of models can Eys offer?

Either clinics can be connected through our e-referral system or clinics can use the system the same way as Eys eye doctors.

By working as Eys eye doctors you can be able to work both physically and digitally and create your own local sourcing network.

What solutions does Eys have for hospitals?

For hospitals Eys can offer different AI screening flows, for example with diabetes retinopathy screening.

In addition, hospitals can use Eys software to work digitally and set up local collaboration regions: connecting optometrists, eye specialists, clinics, hospitals and patients.