The future of eye healthcare is here!

Eys is revolutionizing how optometrists and ophthalmologists collaborate. Through digital innovation, we offer a simpler, safer, and more integrated eye healthcare service.

Take on a greater role as a healthcare professional

Lack of resources is a common issue for ophthalmologists, resulting in long waiting times for patients and complex patient pathways. At the same time, optometrists possess the skills to help but lack easy access to ophthalmologist expertise. This is where Eys comes in - providing a unique opportunity for optometrists to take on a larger role as healthcare professionals.

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From optometrist to telemedicine eye clinic

Eys is an e-health service that gives optometrists direct access to eye specialists. This connection allows you to offer your patients a safer and more efficient service. In short, with Eys, you become a telemedicine eye clinic that can safely diagnose, prescribe medications, and provide treatment to your customers wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Eys - the key to your local success

The goal of Eys is to strengthen your relationship with your customers and elevate your practice to a new level. With Eys, your professional growth goes hand in hand with business growth. Not only do we provide you access to in-depth medical records and articles, but you also have a unique opportunity to consult with our ophthalmologists at any time.The result? Increased customer loyalty, greater satisfaction, and a stronger position in your community. With Eys, you become more than just an optometrist; you can contribute to solving today's healthcare challenges.

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What do you get with Eys?


With Eys, optometrists and customers can be assured that the advice and services they receive are of the highest quality.

Professional growth

Through direct interaction with specialists, optometrists have the opportunity to further develop their professional competence.

Increased profitability

Transform your practice with Eys and offer customers an expanded range of services, resulting in a stronger customer base.

Eys is designed to fit any practice.

We offer a flexible subscription solution where you can choose which product packages and services you want to offer your patients. Try one, try two, or become a comprehensive telemedicine clinic offering full eye health checks for everyone.

Eys Essentials

Eys Essentials

Taking the step into the future of eye health.

Eys Dry Eyes

Eys Dry Eyes

The complete solution for dry eyes.

Eys Children

Eys Diabetes

Streamline eye checks for diabetics.

Eys Children

Eys Children

Specialized care for the youngest patients.

Getting started

Getting started is easy. We have ready-made implementation plans for businesses and offer a free demo to make it easy to get started. Contact us to learn more about the product packages, the service in general, or about us.